COZA: Don Jazzy, Mercy Johnson, Toke Makinwa , others react after Busola Dakolo accused Pastor Fatoyinbo of raping her [VIDEO]

COZA: Don Jazzy, Mercy Johnson, Toke Makinwa , others react after Busola Dakolo accused Pastor Fatoyinbo of raping her

Some Nigerian celebrities have reacted to the latest rape allegation against the founder of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Wife of popular musician, Timi Dakaolo, Busola had accused Fatoyinbo of raping her when she was still very young.

Busola, a mother of 3, explained how Pastor Fatoyinbo allegedly forced his way on her when she was just 18 years.

However, artists including Don Jazzy, Banky W. Mercy Johnson and others have taken to their social media pages in solidarity with Busola Dakola and condemn Pastor Biodiun Fatoyinbo’s actions.

Here are the comments gathered by ND REPORTERS:

@BankyWellington “This was so hard to watch. I am so sorry you went through this nightmare. But I am so proud of you for sharing your truth. You didn’t speak up for yourself alone, but for all the voiceless victims who have suffered similar horrors at the hands of predators like him. Sending love, light and support your way. We are standing by you and @timidakolo. God bless, protect and strengthen you. Stay strong. You are incredible.”

@Don Jazzy “Thank you for being a voice for the many women that don’t have the courage to speak out yet. It is important we let our mothers, sisters, daughters know that you cannot be bullied for speaking the truth. #iStandWithBusola

@Annie Idibia “You are a woman, you are a queen and I love you. A woman like Busola.”

@Toke Makinwa “This is our sister, let us lift her up in the light. All I see is a strong, black woman who beat the odds to survive the horror and nightmare of abuse. I am so sorry you had to go through this, I am so sorry babe. Thank you for speaking out, thank you for unlocking the door for others to do the same. Your Pain is not in vain, your pain will break the chains for other people who are in the dark. Well done. You are beautiful, I applaud your courage, I salute you for doing this. Guys pls let us come together and love on her, let us lift her up in love and stand by her. Let us stand in her shoes and speak out against injustice. Let the perpetrator face the law. Lawyers in the building let’s do this right. To watch your abuser daily go on unrepentant is the worst thing that anyone can imagine and @busoladakolo needs justice. Let the system work this time.

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“God will mend your broken heart, God will heal your soul and protect you. Dear @timidakolo God bless you for standing and speaking out even when you faced heavy criticism, thank you for being strong for your other half, this hurts so much, so so much and I pray we get justice. We cannot let this slide, let’s not stop at talking on Social media, let us use our network to get every victim the justice they deserve. If we don’t fight now, we have failed all the victims, we have silenced the voices that need to be heard too.”

@Mercy Johnson “This is victory; There are so many scars but this is a victory to defeat the voice and the hand that tried to silence you. And this is marriage, to share a love so deep that it becomes a source of strength in the deepest pain. God bless you both! @timidakolo and @busoladakolo I stand with you at this time and always, you are such an example to every relationship.”

@Kate Henshaw “Courage is not the absence of fear, it is facing your truth, standing tall and speaking out in spite of it!!
Love ya, sweetie, Busola Dakolo You don’t know how many you have given strength to.”

@Mocheddah “I admire your strength Busola Dakolo, thank you for being brave, for telling your truth and shaming the shame culture. Every day I hear stories from women that have been abused and the emotion and psychological trauma is indescribable.. living with the burden without speaking out is worse.I hope this inspires more women and men to come out and shame this sick act. I stand by you Busola Dakolo.”

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@Simi “Furious. See how shaken she is reliving it. I pray sharing this truth relieves you of this burden Busola Dakolo.To this man’s supporters – serve God, but don’t follow any man blindly. Ask questions! If it feels wrong, don’t ignore it. If you see something, talk!

@Beverly Naya “In a society that shames and castigates women for being raped causing them to believe that they are unworthy and dirty, I just want to celebrate Timi Dakolo for standing by his strong and beautiful wife. You are a real man, a man willing to risk it all just so your wife can have a voice. I also want to take a moment to admire Busola Dakolo’s courage, I can’t begin to imagine how much it took for you to be this vulnerable but I’m happy God gave you the strength to allow yourself to be free from this burden, thank you for being an inspiration to so many!

“Dear survivors of rape, I pray this encourages you to realize just how incredible you are. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, none of this was/is your fault. You deserve happiness and all the wonderful things that life has to offer. Lastly, the right person will love you, support you and cherish you just the way you deserve. Like Aunty Elvina Ibru said, ‘Refuse to be ashamed, refuse to be castigated because it’s not your fault’ Dear rapists, SHAME ON YOU!

@Akah “I woke up to several missed calls, and text messages. My friends know my relationship with Coza
Let me say this. COZA is my church. I love my pastor. But rape is a serious issue. My stomach churns as I write this. I spoke with @timidakolo a week ago and tried to understand why he had taken a stance against my pastor. I had just come back from honeymoon when all my friends sent me his attacks to my pastor a few weeks ago. I sought to understand, not to attack. I was under so much turmoil too because this is my church, my pastor, and I cannot go around like nothing is happening and the church isn’t addressing anything or re-assuring the members.

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“We must not see evil and cover it. We must not see evil and turn the other way. You all know me. I attack and speak out against corrupt political leaders every time. Well, this has hit home. Our leaders and our fathers must be held accountable. And they must deem us worthy to be answerable to. If we cannot clean the church, forget it. We cannot clean the country. I am tired of hearing so much, so much rubbish about my church and leadership over the years especially cos of the industry I belong to, nothing passes our ears behind the scene.

“My pastor @biodunfatoyinbo has to say something this time. If the rest of the church does not need it, I need it. For my sake, sir… Speak on this.
I stand with @busoladakolo as she has spoken her truth. I stand with the body of Christ also. I ask that my pastor come out and speak his own truth.

I am praying for the church. Please let us pray for both the Dakolo and the Fatoyinbo families. (wife and kids). In the end, if we need to, let us scatter the place… Then the truth will stand up.”

@Rita Dominic “Thank you for having the courage to speak up. Many girls and women have gone through this in silence. Those who spoke up were derided and abused. Never again! We support you Busola! We love you and we will stand by you. Hold your head high sister! Hold your head high! We are with you! I hope this encourages us all to be just as brave as you.”


2 thoughts on “COZA: Don Jazzy, Mercy Johnson, Toke Makinwa , others react after Busola Dakolo accused Pastor Fatoyinbo of raping her [VIDEO]

  1. I know what it means to live with this kind of pain. I was molested right from childhood and till today I have not opened my mouth to say it to anyone outside my family. My mum and siblings are aware but we can’t say it outside for the shame of it. It happened to all of us starting from my elder sister and then I. I don’t know wen it all started as my mum was always not around, always traveling to the village for farming and I had always loved sleeping with my dad as it was just him and me then, my sis was in n boarding school. Till today I don’t know how long he has been molesting me if he penetrated but I came to realize something was wrong wen I was a little older maybe in my teen by then I slept in another room. Every night I always felt something hairy on my skin and would get scared and got and I will hear the sound of feet running out of the room and will just sit on my bed till sleep came again. When my sis came back on one of d holidays I told her that was when she explained to me that it was her dad and den told me her own story. As if my dads own was t enough our neighbor joined in and then another man opposite our house and today I’m married to his nephew and it’s only he and I who knows wat he did to me wen I was about 8/9 and use to go to his house to play with his kids. I was lonely. My mum was never there, my sis in boarding school, I was left to take care of me by me. I have been in pain, I never enjoyed sex, it takes miracle for me to come during sex. I have kept this inside and always feel pained wen I think back to the things I went through in the hands of all this men and never voiced out for the fear of stigmatization. If Busola can speak out she’s very brave for I am still a coward at this point even wen I’m close to 40 I still can’t say it. My dad is still alive and so are all those men. My heart really aches as I write this but truly #istandwithbusoladakolo as its not easy to come out and say it.

    1. hmmmmm… such a sad one. in as much as we support all rape victims to summoned courage and speak out, but our hearts always are with all victims of child molestation. it really hurts.

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