Lady Escapes From Ritualist Den In Delta [Details]

Lady Escapes From Ritualist Den In Delta [Details] 1

A Lady identified as Sophia Emmanuel has taken to her Facebook page to give a narration on how she managed to escape from ritualist den in Delta yesterday, after being hypnotized by a stranger.

According to her, she was approached by a man in a certain area and before she knew what was happening, she had been stripped of her clothes in a ritualist den and she could overhear some men negotitaiting the price which she would be sold.

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She wrote:

You won’t believe what happened to me today God had saved me from the hands of rituals in Otokutu town I went for ceremony on my way back to ughelli a boy came to me and say Fine girl who you dey find then I said nobody suddenly I can’t remember anything again.

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Then I saw my self Unclad and tied up with my pant and bra and heard the boys conversation outside trying to sell me to another guys for 900,000 thousand naira.

And suddenly I recover my self and I quickly untied my self and I escaped from their hand please help me to celebrate God is a wonderful God and please girls be wise boys are not smiling oh make them nor use you buy veza or Glk ohLady Escapes From Ritualist Den In Delta [Details] 2

Lady Escapes From Ritualist Den In Delta [Details] 3

Lady Escapes From Ritualist Den In Delta [Details] 4

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